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Help for a nursing home in the city of Borodyanka
14 June 2022

Time and circumstances require extra attention, compassion and help.
By helping, we maintain hope, resist, and build humanity.

A large number of Ukrainians need help.
A particularly vulnerable group is the elderly.

Today, we want to talk about people from the nursing home of the city of Borodyanka.
The city, which survived the horrors of the horde, found the strength to recover.
With the clearing of the city, people returned, and the nursing home returned.
He returned and began to restore his life again.
Of course, there are many needs to ensure a dignified old age.

Thank you Choice of the Year LLC for your help!
Help was formed from Gamma health monitoring devices and products.
Blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, walkers, orthopedic products will now become reliable support for the elderly from Borodyanka.

After all, Gamma is a convenient and reliable device for monitoring and preventing health, both in medical institutions and at home.