MEDHOUSE is a leading, dynamic and fast-growing distribution company. MEDHOUSE is the official representative and the partner of world renowned brands: Promedica, Gamma, Now Foods, Dentissimo Premium Oral Care.

MEDHOUSE Company is a recognized leader in the medical technology market of Ukraine. Many years of experience allows it to hold leadership, to expand their horizons adding new brands to its portfolio every year. The company's leadership in the market of Ukraine and fruitful cooperation with foreign partners is confirmed not only by the awards and certificates, but by the actual results:

Our Expertise and Industry Knowledge
MEDHOUSE has successfully worked in the Ukrainian market for 25 years. It is difficult to overestimate the business that was at the beginnings of the industry. Our company negotiates with nation-wide trade and pharmacy networks, independently imports and delivers our products, and provides post-sale maintenance of our equipment.
Strong Brands Mean a Strong Company
The MEDHOUSE portfolio includes the following world-renowned brands: Promedica, Gamma, Now Foods, Dentissimo Premium Oral Care. According to research data, MEDHOUSE leads the Ukrainian market of medical equipment with the following brands: Dr. Frei, Gamma.
Team as MEDHOUSE GROUP Capital
Our company employs more than 450 people. Our excellent team of experts can set high goals and successfully solve ambitious challenges. It was our team of like-minded people who brought MEDHOUSE to the leading market positions and continues to hold the lead. 
Next to the Consumer 24 Hours a Day
MEDHOUSE has developed a network of regional representatives throughout Ukraine, namely: 27 offices and 300 sales representatives, who visit up to three thousand points of sale every day. MEDHOUSE cares not only about sales growth but also 24/7 customer support; our service and consulting centres are located in 27 major cities of Ukraine.
Own Import and Independent Logistics
We at MEDHOUSE import all our products on our own. We have a large central distribution warehouse for imported products with an area of 15,000 sq.m and 27 regional mobile warehouses. Our logistics department can quickly deliver the product directly to a pharmacy to a supermarket without outsourcing: 170 vehicles ensure the timely delivery of products to pharmacy and store shelves.
Points of Sale throughout Ukraine
MEDHOUSE  has solved the issue of proximity to our clients as efficiently as possible: 10 thousand pharmacies and 8 thousand points of sale at supermarkets cooperate with us on a regular basis. With the help of MEDHOUSE , you can quickly and efficiently get into retail and pharmacy chains throughout Ukraine.
Efficient and Professional Marketing
Our marketing department team consists of experts. The feature of its work lies in the fact that each brand is maintained by a separate specialist. Modern product promotion by MEDHOUSE  marketers includes not only work with retail chains but also full-fledged care for the brand in the digital space: SMM, SEO, PPC, and content and video marketing. When combined, work with opinion leaders and TV advertising can increase sales and brand awareness.
Success and Growth Prospects
International brands in the MEDHOUSE portfolio are well known by consumers and have earned the trust of many Ukrainian families: - Swiss EnergyTM vitamin sales have doubled as compared to 2018; - one of fifteen families uses Dr. FreiTM, GammaTM, or OneLifeTM products. Our company standards are highly valued in the market. Experts of the national “Star of Quality 2011” recognized MEDHOUSE as the best company in Ukraine in the field of medical goods. Our leading positions in the field of medical goods, well-known brands, an ambitious and loyal team, independent logistics, and a wide coverage of retail networks allow MEDHOUSE  to look to the future with confidence.