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MEDHOUSE SWISS presents on the Ukrainian market a new brand of vitamins and minerals - Novel!
01 September 2021

We at MEDHOUSE SWISS are proud to present NOVEL, a new brand of vitamins and minerals in the Ukrainian market!

NOVEL vitamins were created in Switzerland for those who are in love with living, who enjoy every moment, and who are refilled, and refill others, with energy!

Unique formulations and scientific approach ensure maximum effectiveness and safety of our effervescent tablets.
Thanks to their complete dissolubility in water, they form an alkaline solution so there is no gastric mucosa irritation. In addition, the alkaline solution prevents the aggressive effects of gastric acid on the active ingredients.

Clinical trials show that the supplement’s active ingredients are absorbed into blood within 15 minutes of intake. This ensures a more quick and complete absorption of the nutrients in our effervescent tablets, which in turn provides for a maximum effect when compared to other forms (regular tablets, caps etc.).

The outstanding experience of Swiss specialists combined with international knowledge makes our NOVEL supplement the best choice.

The NOVEL supplement is a high-quality product made under high standards and using the best working methods.