Компанія Medhouse Swiss представляє новий інноваційний бренд професійної медичної техніки - Promedica. Швейцарська якість продуктів ProMedica забезпечена співпрацею з висококласними фахівцями які постійно працюють над...
30 September 2020
Раді представити вам новинку на українському ринку - медичні пластирі iPlast. Чому варто обрати пластирі iPlast? Посилена фіксація. Зручна форма упаковки. Впевненість в якості. Широкий асортиментний ряд....
30 September 2020
Swiss energy acted as a partner in cycling races on Deivska Hill
Що, як не гори перевіряють на міцність дружбу і довіру? Гори підкоряються лише тим, хто не розмірковуючи готовий ризикнути собою заради друга. Компанія Medhouse Swiss пишається своєю командою, яка подолала всі перешкоди та...
29 September 2020
26 March 2020
Swiss Energy at CPhI Worldwide 2019
From 5th to 7th November, CPhI Worldwide opens the doors to its 30th edition with over 100 hours of presentations, an expected 45,000 international visitors, 2,500 exhibitors from across the entire pharma supply chain. 2019’s show is one not to be missed, and Med-House Group invites visitors and partners onto its booth 91H68NEP at the Messe Frankfurt, Germany. Medpack Swiss Group...
05 November 2019
Philips & Dentissimo
Dear Partners, Dear Customers, we are glad to share a great news: two leaders of oral care product groups have joined to help your smile shining. At you can find an offer: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean HX9396 Electric Toothbrush Rose Gold with DeepClean Function + Dentissimo Toothpaste Gel Advanced Whitening Gold offered by Philips, Germany. Moreover the official Ukrainian...
03 June 2019
Race Nation Bukovel 2019
Vitaminize and any obstacles will be overcome! On March 2, Swiss Energy became a partner in the bright race Race Nation Bukovel 2019 in the Bukovel Group of Companies. Vitamin complexes Swiss Energy - the best health support and prevention of many diseases. Acceptance of Swiss Energy Sport vitamins contributes to an increase in endurance and efficiency of sports training. Participants...
02 March 2019
Meeting with Dr. Komarovsky
The Swiss brands Dr.Frei and Swiss Energy acted as general health partners at the Meeting with Doctor Komarovsky, which was held in the Question-Answer format on March 2 at 6:30 pm in GrandHall, Menorah, Dnipro. Useful advice, high competence of the pediatrician, the correct treatment regimen and the use of high-quality medical equipment is the key to the health of your child. At the...
02 March 2019
Mamaslet decorates the Christmas tree.
Today, MEDHOUSE brands acted as partners at the “Mamaslet decorates the Christmas tree” event at the Atmosfera shopping mall in Kiev and took an active part in the festival: • The dentist from the Swiss brand Dentissimo Premium Oral Care told how to properly care for a child’s teeth, how to choose a toothpaste, what its composition should be. Animator Zubik...
16 December 2018
Braces and supports Dr.Frei Pro
Braces and supports Dr.Frei Pro review
03 March 2016
Electric Breast Pump Dr.Frei GM-30
Electric Breast Pump Dr.Frei GM-30 review
30 October 2014
Breast pump Dr.Frei GM-20
Breast pump Dr.Frei GM-20 review
29 October 2014
Developing the range of products of high-quality for bed patients, our company started the cooperation with the leader at the market of absorbing products – the company ABENA from Denmark; the quality of products of this company is appreciated as the best one in the field of safety for the patients who suffer enuresis.  Enuresis is the condition that is characterised with...
05 August 2014
Digital Thermometers Dr.Frei T-30, T-20, T-10
Digital Thermometers Dr.Frei T-30, T-20, T-10 review
29 October 2013
Exhibition  «Public health – 2013»
The company «MEDHOUSE GROUP» – the participant of the 23-rd international medical exhibition «Public health – 2013» The exhibition was held 22-25 October at the International exhibition centre in Kiev. «Public health – 2013» is the first exhibition on the international level in Ukraine and the fourth one in Europe, it is the existing...
28 October 2013